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1/2" x 4" Black Left/Right Nipple
3/4" x 4" Black Left/Right Nipple
1" x 4" Black Left/Right Nipple
1-1/4" x 4" Black Left/Right Nipple
1-1/2" x 4" Black Left/Right Nipple
2" x 4" Black Left/Right Nipple
2-1/2" x 4" Black Left/Right Nipple

About Right Left Black Nipples

A right-left nipple, also known as a "close nipple," is a type of pipe nipple that has threaded ends on both sides. One end is designed with right-hand threads, while the other end has left-hand threads. This configuration allows for the connection of pipes or fittings with different thread directions. Right-left nipples are typically used in specific applications where a reversal of thread direction is required.

Here are some key points about right-left nipples:

  1. Thread Direction: Right-left nipples have one end with right-hand threads, which follow the conventional tightening direction (clockwise rotation to tighten) and another end with left-hand threads, which require counterclockwise rotation to tighten.

  2. Reversing Thread Direction: Right-left nipples are used when there is a need to connect two components with different thread directions. For example, they can be used to connect a male-threaded fitting with right-hand threads to a female-threaded fitting with left-hand threads or vice versa.

  3. Connection Flexibility: Right-left nipples provide flexibility in plumbing systems where different thread directions are required. They allow for the connection of pipes or fittings that would otherwise be incompatible due to opposite thread directions.

  4. Applications: Right-left nipples are commonly used in specific situations, such as gas piping systems, where gas appliances may require different thread directions for proper installation. They can also be used in unique plumbing configurations or repairs that involve thread reversal.

  5. Sizing and Material: Right-left nipples are available in various sizes to match the pipe or fitting requirements. They are typically made from materials commonly used in pipe fittings, such as steel, brass, or stainless steel.

  6. Installation: When installing a right-left nipple, it is crucial to ensure the correct alignment of the right-hand and left-hand threads. Care should be taken to properly tighten each end according to the respective thread direction.