About PEX F1960 Brass Expander Fittings

F1960 PEX expander fittings brass refers to a specific type of PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) fitting made of brass and designed for use with PEX tubing using the expansion method. The "F1960" designation refers to the ASTM F1960 standard, which specifies the dimensions and requirements for expansion-style PEX fittings.

These fittings are commonly used in plumbing systems and are specifically designed for PEX tubing that adheres to the F1960 standard. The brass construction provides durability, corrosion resistance, and reliable performance.

F1960 PEX expander fittings brass come in various configurations to accommodate different plumbing needs, such as couplings, elbows, tees, valves, and more. These fittings are designed to be used with a specialized expansion tool that temporarily expands the PEX tubing, allowing for easy insertion of the fitting. As the tubing contracts back to its original size, it forms a tight and secure connection with the brass fitting, creating a reliable and watertight seal.