About Copper Press Fittings

  • Copper press fittings, also known as press-fit or press-connect fittings, are a type of plumbing fitting used for joining copper pipes without the need for soldering or brazing. These fittings provide a quick and reliable method of connecting copper pipes together.
  • Copper press fittings utilize a mechanical press connection system, where a specialized pressing tool is used to compress the fitting onto the copper pipe. The pressing tool exerts force on the fitting, creating a secure and leak-resistant connection by deforming the fitting and compressing it onto the pipe.
  • The benefits of copper press fittings include:
    1. Time-saving installation: Press fittings offer faster installation compared to traditional soldering or brazing methods. The pressing process is typically quicker and more efficient, saving time and labor costs.
    2. No flame or heat required: Press fittings eliminate the need for open flames or heat sources, making them a safer option for installation in certain environments, such as confined spaces or areas with fire hazards
    3. Versatility: Copper press fittings are available in various configurations, including couplings, elbows, tees, reducers, and more. This allows for versatile applications and easy integration into plumbing systems.
    4. Reliability: The mechanical press connection system provides a secure and durable joint, ensuring long-term reliability and leak-free performance.